Plant Hire in Cambridgeshire

If you’re looking for plant hire in Cambridgeshire, look no further than SRBE. We have a wide range of excavators, compressors, dumpers & skip-loaders, forklifts and telehandlers, pumps, rollers and other equipment available for hire. We are a professional plant hire company with almost 50 years experience in the business. Our professional and knowledgable staff are just a phone call away.

We cover areas in Cambridgeshire such as Cambridge, St Neots, and Duxford.

Cambridgeshire Digger, Mini Digger and Excavator Hire

Our range of diggers / excavators includes micro diggers, 1.5T diggers, 3T diggers 5T diggers, 8T excavators, and 13T excavators.  We also supply a wide range of excavator attachments.

KX71-4 - 3 Tonne Excavator - Kubota

Cambridgeshire Compressor Hire

We supply a range of compressors and associated tools.  Alternatively you may be better off hiring a breaker attachment for an excavator.

Cambridgeshire Dumper and Skip Loader Hire

We supply a wide range of skip-loaders and dumpers from 0.5T tracked skip-loaders,  1T high tip skip-loaders, 3T swivel and straight dumpers (including high tip), 6T swivel and straight dumpers, 9T straight dumpers and 10T straight dumpers

Alldrive 10 - 10 Tonne Foward-Tip Dumper - Thwaites

Cambridgeshire Forklift and Telehandler Hire

We supply a range of forklifts and telehandlers including straight mast / all terrain, buggies (4M, 5M, and 6M telehandlers), 8M telehandlers, 10M telehandlers, 12M telehandlers, 14M telehandlers, and 17M telehandlers


Cambridgeshire Pump Hire

We supply a range of pumps from small petrol and submersible to large diesel pumps.

Cambridgeshire Roller Hire

We supply a range of rollers and compaction tools including wacker plates, pedestrian rollers, trench rollers, tandem 80 rollers, tandem 100 rollers, and tandem 120 rollers.

ARX26 - 120cm Tandem Roller - Ammann

If you’re looking for a friendly plant hire specialist in Cambridgeshire, please give us a call.

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